Carole Daver

Trendy fragrances for women and men

High-quality French fragrances from a fun, colorful world.

Discover Carole Daver, a renowned French brand specializing in the creation of high-quality perfumes that embody fashion and trends. Our vibrant, colorful universe is sure to win you over.

Our history 

Founded at the end of the last century, Carole Daver emerged as the "nose" behind Christine Darvin's successful fragrances. Today, under the direction of Antoine Hervé MADRID, Groupe Panther's master perfumers, the passionate Carole Daver continues to sign our olfactory creations.

Parfums Carole Daver


For femininity in all its splendor.

SO BELLA - Carole DaverSO DREAM - Carole DaverSO FASHION -Carole DaverSO BEAUTIFUL - Carole DaverSO FANCY - Carole Daver


Fragrances for the self-confident man.

LEXUS - Carole DaverLEXUS WHITE - Carole Daver


The perfume that marked the history of Carole Daver.

CASSILIA - Carole Daver