The Panther Group, a family story

The Panther Group was created in 2000 from the merger of the companies Genlis Cosmétique, which owns the Cottage brand, and Institut Arnaud. This family SME located in Gironde near Bordeaux is the fruit of the passion of two brothers, Antoine and Hervé Madrid, for the perfume and beauty sector.
By dint of creativity and dynamism, they have made a name for themselves among the large multinational beauty and perfume groups across more than 40 countries around the world: Cottage in the Universe bath and shower, Arnaud Paris in the field of cosmetic face and body care, but also Christine Darvin, Carole Daver and La Closerie des Parfums, in the perfume sector.
With high standards, they wish to provide consumers with innovative products, impeccable quality and affordable price.

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Cottage is a brand of the Panther Group, a family-owned SME based in Gironde. Its promise: enjoy the delights of nature while taking care of your body, thanks to a wide range of hygiene and care products. In search of the perfect balance between care and pleasure, ...

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Because we believe that beauty should not be experienced as a constraint  Arnaud Paris offers a free and positive vision. We  We are a joyful, audacious and complicit brand, guiding individuals  that guides people on the path to happiness and re-enchants their daily lives.  At Arnaud Paris, heritage and innovation, science and naturalness  expertise and simplicity, rigor and happiness, make up an asserted  at the heart of our brand philosophy. A paradox that defines  our vision of French chic.

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The Christine Darvin brand has made a name for itself in the perfume industry in France and around the world, offering its customers innovative, high-quality eaux de Cologne. La closerie is a vegetable interlude. For perfume lovers, it's where it all begins. Trees, plants and flowers form numerous fragrant alcoves: inspiration is everywhere. Essences blend with the blossoms to create unique compositions. A garden for the senses, the closerie is also a privileged gateway to the imagination.  It's an invitation to travel, to dream away. When a fragrance is offered, a new horizon opens up.